Ishihara Test Online

This is the most common and globally accepted Test if we are examining our Blindness.

What is Ishihara Test?


The Ishihara test is the eyesight test used to examine or detect human red and green colour deficiencies. Prof Shinobu Ishihara, the lecturing staff at the University of Tokyo, named this Test. He was the only one who published this Test in 1917. This Test comprises the number of Ishihara tests, a pseudoisochromatic plate.

Why Ishihara Test?


The Ishihara test is the most common form and renowned colour blindness check. In this Test, your eye health practitioner will ask you to have a look at a photograph which will be made up of coloured dots with a differently coloured wide variety or shape within the middle. If the form blends into the background are not visible to you, it is a clear sign of colour blindness. Different colour plates can test for extraordinary forms of shade blindness. Opting for this Test is one of the most accessible and convenient forms of blindness test, which does not require any unique set-up or arrangement. Most importantly, this Test can be done with a rare amount of Investment.

Features of Ishihara Test

  • The Ishihara plates are broadly used as a test for colour vision.
  • They were initially designed for the reason of detecting congenital red-inexperienced colour blindness.
  • The Test additionally has some price in demonstrating acquired colouration vision defects.
  • Measures your ability to tell the distinction between Color tones.