Farnsworth Lantern Test

The test consists of showing 9 pairs of vertically oriented lights. Combinations of either red, green or yellow. Identify the colors up and down (some of which are identical).

What is Farnsworth Lantern Test?


If you are a sailor, then you must take these test The sailor and navy men on duty require this test to be completed because it is the vision that matters. The Farnsworth Lantern Test exceptional colour imaginative and prescient exams initially developed to screen sailors for responsibilities requiring colour imaginative and prescient, together with spotting sign lighting fixtures at night. Also checkout the color blind test, to check your eye vision.

This test monitors for Red- Green deficiencies; however no longer a good deal rarer blue colour deficiency. Lantern Test indicates a pair of vertically oriented lights together with crimson, green, or yellow-white mixtures. The person is requested to pick out the two hues (some of which can be equal).

There are Nine colouration pairs are administered at some stage in the check, and It begins with a pink/inexperienced colour aggregate to allow the consumer to peer at these colourings pair earlier than seeing a white light, which decreases testing errors.

Look at indicated hues for most straightforward seconds, as colouration-deficient humans can, from time to time, correctly perceive the colours with extended exposure and checks.

Yellow-white colour or one of the identical pairs of yellow & white shades made a 50% impartial grey filter out to lessen luminance cues to the colour-poor affected person.

Example1: Up - Red, down - Green
Example2: Up - yellow, down - red

Why Farnsworth Lantern Test?


The United States Federal Aviation Administration requires pilots to take a Farnsworth Lantern Test to obtain a pilot’s license.

Features of Lantern Test

  • The Farnsworth colour blindness check has been used to evaluate colour vision for over 50 years.
  • It evaluates the extent to which your colour vision can discern between specific colours and slight hue variations within a given colour.
  • It evaluates the volume to which your colour, imaginative and prescient, can parent between unique colours and mild hue variations inside a given shade.